Education Staff

Joanna Olczyk

Outreach and Education Coordinator
(954) 924.4308

Education History:

South Broward HS - Marine Magnet program

University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL – Majored in Biology, Minored in Art 

Joanna teaches the IGFA’s hands-on lab programs for children and adults and is one of the IGFA’s top wetlands guides. With the collaboration of Lisa Morse, she designed the educational identification signs in the IGFA’s Wetlands. She also serves as one of the head camp counselors for the IGFA’s Summer and Day Camp and has been with the IGFA since 2001. Joanna is an accomplished artist and serves as the resident face painter at each Free Family Fishing Clinic the IGFA hosts.  

In her free time, Joanna enjoys fishing salt and freshwater, snorkeling, wildlife photography, painting, and sculpting.




Lisa Morse M.S.
Outreach and Education/Volunteer Coordinator
(954) 924.4340


Education history:

Saint Francis University – Loretto, PA – B.S. in Biology with a Marine Concentration

Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center – Dania Beach, FL – M.S. in Marine Biology 

Lisa began volunteering with the IGFA in 2008 but was brought on full time in 2011 to take on the responsibility of Outreach and Education Coordinator. She also took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator back in 2013. Her daily activities include: facilitating educational and science-based programs at different outreach locations, instructing fishing clinics, managing the volunteer program, acting as a Day and Summer Camp counselor, and creating different activities and events on behalf of the IGFA. She has a strong desire to pass along her passion toward the aquatic environment and marine life to the younger children she teaches. 

Lisa enjoys fishing, whittling and woodworking, photography/videography, coral reef ecology, and is an avid scuba diver with Rescue and Master Diver certifications. When she is not working at the IGFA, Lisa can be found working for the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program, volunteering with the Animal Care Department at Flamingo Gardens, conducting fish ID surveys for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, or just simply out on the beach picking up marine debris that has washed ashore. 

Elliot Buss
Fishing Camp Counselor - Part Time


Education history:

Nova Southeastern University – Davie, FL – B.S. in Marine Biology and Biology

Elliot joined the IGFA Education team for Summer Camp 2017 and has proven to be a valuable asset to IGFA's fishing camps. He thoroughly enjoys teaching the campers because it allows him to teach angling practices to the younger generations. He has truly inspired some of the young anglers this past summer to keep fishing and to continue learning about this popular recreational sport. He also enjoys being part of the IGFA for he agrees that it really promotes ethical angling techniques, and he states that he likes working for such a great organization. 

With a strong interest in fishing himself, Elliot definitely is a great fit to continue as a counselor for IGFA's Fishing Camps. In his spare time, he enjoys kayak fishing, scuba diving, spearfishing, and coral propagation. He really enjoys deep sea fishing and any type of fishing he can do with his kayak.  

Kylie Simonton
Fishing Camp Counselor - Part Time


Education history:

Broward College – Davie, FL – B.S. Secondary Biology Education

Kylie has a strong passion for fishing as well as for teaching so when she saw the oppotunity with the IGFA to teach kids how to fish, she knew she had to have the job. Growing up in Davie, FL, she remembers going to the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum as a kid on school field trips and even on weekends with friends and family, and she always had a great time.

She was very excited to be offered an opportunity to join IGFA's Education team for Summer Camp 2017. She loves biology and environmental science, which this camp allows a combination of both fields; teaching campers not only to target fish, but how to be ethical anglers so that they can protect and conserve our environment. 

Because she grew up fishing in the Everglades, she loves bass fishing. However, she has recently started venturing out to the ocean to try her hand at saltwater fishing and looks forward to expanding her saltwater knowledge. Although, she does state that there is nothing she loves more than setting a kid up on his/her first bass because she remembers her own like it was yesterday! 

With a strong interest in spending time outdoors, she loves that camp offers the opportunity to go to so many different parks and locations to explore. It is Kylie's passion that makes her such a vital role in the success of IGFA's Fishing Camps. 

Rickey Quiles
Fishing Camp Counselor - Part Time


Education history:

McArthur HS
FNGLA Landscape Professional

Throughout Rickey’s high school career he was always an active participant in his community whether it was volunteering with the Special Olympics or lending a hand with a local beach cleanup. One day, he crossed paths with JoJo (Joanna Olczyk) at an event where she was a vendor for the IGFA. Once Rickey heard the message of the IGFA and the heart of its mission, he was hooked and was not getting away. To JoJo’s surprise, Rickey turned up during Summer Camp 2016 to volunteer, and he volunteered for almost every single week that summer and for every single Day Camp thereafter.

As he gained experience, Rickey grew to become very dependable and valuable to the IGFA and officially joined the Education team for Summer Camp 2017 to continue what he loves to do even though he believed the opportunity to even volunteer with the IGFA was a gift in and of itself.

He values the fact that he gets to come into his career every day and share his knowledge and love for all living creatures that roam this world. Whether they walk on this earth or swim in our seas, they all play an important role in life, just like you and me. He feels that he gets a chance to plant an important seed into people's lives when he gets to teach them about the environment and the IGFA is glad to have him on board to continue educating future stewards of the environment.

In his spare time, Rickey enjoys, fresh and saltwater fishing, surfing, boating, free diving, playing golf, camping, gardening, hard labor, drawing, painting, and paintball.