IGFA Rules Questions and Answers


The following angling rules questions and answers come from IGFA members like you and are published in the pages of IGFA's quarterly magazine International Angler. If there are any fishing methods, rigs, or techniques that need clarification for compliancy by IGFA rules then don't hesitate to send an email with your question to IGFA World Records Coordinator Jack Vitek at [email protected]. With questions regarding rigs and techniques, providing a photograph is advantageous.

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IGFA Rules Questions and Answers

Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 International Angler

 - Chaffing Gear on Fly Fishing Tippets

- Reel Problems While Fighting a Fish for a World Record






July/Aug/Sept 2013 International Angler

- Setting the Hook with the Leader

- Post Catch Broken Tippets







April/May/June 2013 International Angler

- Using a Circle Hook before a Plug 









Jan/Feb/March 2013 International Angler

- Multiple Gang Hooks on Plugs

- Insufficient Photography for an IGFA Slam Application







Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 International Angler

- Fishing in Sanctuaries or Protected Areas

- Using a Rod Butt Cushion with a Fly Rod